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of countries including yemen, somalia, and iraq. in particular al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the group most likely we think to attempt attacks against the united states. we saw this in may with the disruption of an plot to take down an airliner. other groups such as the al qaeda in iraq, as well as militants based in pakistan all pose threats to our citizens and interests in those regions of the formed. -- world. we are also focused on threats poses by iran and hezbollah. iran remains the foremost state sponsor of terrorism over the world. over the past year the threat from iranian sponsored terrorism has increased. inside the united states we remain vigilant to prevent violent extremists from carrying out attacks in the name of al qaeda. this past week the f.b.i. arrest add chicago man after he tried to blow up a crowded bar in the city. a federal judge sentence add virginia man to 0 years in prison for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. these plots highlight the danger that al qaeda-inspired extremists pose to our country. beyond these threats we face a period of unrest and a period
fight against terrorism and secures the global commons. while the war in iraq is over, nearly 70,000 american troops will still remain in afghanistan at the end of the month. our goal should be to complete a successful transition to afghan security forces by the end of 2014. we should evaluate conditions on the ground and solicit the best advice of our military commanders. we can all agree that our men and women in the field deserve a clear mission, they deserve the resources and resolute leadership they need to complete that mission and the country that will provide for their needs when they come home. [applause] the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military to devastating defense budget cuts. [applause] it is true that our armed forces have been stretched to the brink and that is all the more reason to repair and rebuild. we can always find places to end waste but we cannot cancel program after program or jeopardize critical missions or cut corners in the quality of the equipment and training will provide to our men and women in un
to step forward and defend our nation. it is a generation that fought in iraq and still fight in afghanistan. let us dedicate our own lives to giving back to our great nation. as one of our nation possibly%, the strength of our democracy has always rested on the willingness of those who believe in its volume and the will to serve to give something back to this country. it is my privilege to introduce to you the man who spoke those words and lives them every day, our secretary of defense, leon panetta. [applause] >> mr. president, mrs. obama, general dempsey, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, and in particular the family members who lost a loved one here on 9/11. 11 years ago, on a morning very much like this, a terrorist attack the symbols of american- trained. -- american strength. they took the lives of citizens from more than 90 countries. it was the worst terrorist attack on america in our history. today people gather across the united states and around the world to remember the tragic events of 9/11. some take part in ceremonies like this. others spent time in q
the war in afghanistan as we did in iraq. in a responsible way. [cheers and applause] and come home and invest in our roads, our schools, rebuild our country. ladies and gentleman, that alone will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs repairing the damage to infrastructure in this country. it is simple. on like this new republican party -- and i do not use the phrase "new" lightly -- this is not your father's republican party. this is not even mitt romney's father's republican party. we see a future with the rich and the poor do their part in have a part. where my granddaughter's have ies andct same opportunit rights as my grandson's, where women can control their own destiny and there is no longer any debate about the violence against women act. where we are once again no. 1 in the world in college -- number one in the world in college graduates, where we promote the private sector, not the privilege -- privileged sector. we see a future where america lease not by the example of our power, but by the power -- leads not by the example of our power, but by the power of our exa
or iran or iraq. it is unbankable to let 20 or 30,000 troops to stay in iraq. we had the hostages in i ran and we had the two helicopters crashed. that was talked about. if something of that nature presents itself, i woke will work to solve the problem. >> [inaudible] how do think the palestinian problem can be solved? >> i am torn by two perspectives. i have had one for some time which is that the palestinians have no interest in establishing peace and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. it is said the palestinians should set up their own country. the conflict between israel and the west bank is right there. that is about 9 miles from tel aviv to the west bank. the other side of the west bank , the iranians would want to do to the west bank what they did through lebanon. they want to bring armaments into the west bank. israel, of course, would have to say that cannot happen. we have to keep the iranians from burning in weapons. -- from bringing in weapons. that means they will control the border between syria and jordan and this new palestinian nation? how about
out how to develop a military option to disarm iraq, to destroy its nuclear program if they ever chose to do so and i have been working various -- very assiduously at that. by the same token, you will have noticed that while this has been a topic of active conversation, in some senses going all the way back to 1991 at the very least since 2002, israel has not yet exercised that option. it has not done so for good reason. there are all kinds of good reasons not to strike and all kinds of bad reasons involved in a strike. this has created a conundrum for israel and a conundrum for israel's allies in the region and out. and it is why to this day as iran continues to move forward in defiance of u.n. security council resolutions, israelis and their friends, first among them the united states, continues to debate what the right course of action is. we are delighted to have with us lieutenant-general halutz. -- haloutz. he rose to be the chief raufaste of the iaf and the idf. the israeli air force and the israeli defense forces. he served as two of the senior most officers making decisions an
. they asked us, would he get us out of this mess at -- in iraq? and did he have the guts to take on the insurance companies and reform health care? conversations like this were taking place all over iowa. iowans know the real bill when you see it. they took the measure of this man. they looked him in the eye and you sent him on to be president of the united states. thank you, iowa, for that. a lot has happened since then, and we still have a long, long way to go, but today we can go back to buffalo center and towns across america and say that in the toughest times, this president delivered for the middle class. he walked into a washington that was paralyzed, after the greatest economic catastrophe since the great depression, he took over. the auto industry was on the brink of collapse. he faced two wars. bin laden was at large and so much more. he delivered a recovery act that is one of the reasons we had 29 straight month the private sector job growth. he put four hundred thousand teachers and education workers in our schools and thousands of police officers and firefighters on
that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. we've begun a transition in afghanistan, and america and our allies will end our war on schedule in 2014. al qaeda has been weakened, and osama bin laden is no more. nations have come together to lock down nuclear materials, and america and russia are reducing our arsenals. we have seen hard choices made -- from naypyidaw to cairo to abidjan -- to put more power in the hands of citizens. at a time of economic challenge, the world has come together to broaden prosperity. through the g20, we have partnered with emerging countries to keep the world on the path of recovery. america has pursued a development agenda that fuels growth and breaks dependency, and worked with african leaders to help them feed their nations. new partnerships have been forged to combat corruption and promote government that is open and transparent, and new commitments have been made through the equal futures partnership to ensure that women and girls can fully participate in politics and pursue opportunity. and later today, i will discus
to oversee the end of the war in iraq and the implementation of the recovery act. [applause] joe biden did a great job with those. [applause] president obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though they supported hillary in the primaries. he even appointed hillary. [applause] wait a minute -- i am very proud of her. i am proud of the job she and the national security team have done for america. [applause] i am grateful they have worked together to make us safer and stronger, to build a world with more partners and fewer enemies. i am grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have enjoyed and the signal that stands to the rest of the world of democracy does not have to be of blood sport. it can be an honorable enterprise that advances the public interest. [applause] besides the national security team, i am very grateful to the men and women who served our country in uniform through these perilous times, and i am especially grateful to michelle obama and joe biden for supporting those military families while their loved ones were overseas an
worried that the troops coming back from iraq and afghanistan were going to get ignored. my friends and i decided we were going to step up. for the last 8.5 years, i have been making sure that when these folks come home, not only are they welcomed, but they are taken care of. we focused on the critically injured soldiers coming back. when the soldier starts getting better and starts to think about leaving the hospital for the first time, we like to be the guys who take them out for a steak dinner. they go out into society and be successful. we start to talk to them about what is that spirit we take care of little things, big things, little things that come up. we help them with reza mais, interviewing skills, meeting up with mentors, and we know what they are going through. i feel so privileged to have the opportunity to meet these folks. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> whenever one of these guys try to thank me, i say, you have this all wrong. i can help you. >> president obama has fought for veterans. those of us who stood up to protect our country now need to stand up for him. >> they
know where we stand. i worked on a bill to destabilize iraq's central bank. we need to do more and we need to do it with our -- to destabilize iran's central bank. we need to do more and we need to do it with our allies. >> president obama has done an outstanding job of using the tools in the tool box and try to bring effective sanctions against iran. he is taking nothing off of the table. that is the way to go with negotiations. that is the best way to work with our ally israel and to make sure we are protecting israel. i am a working to have president obama to become the commander in chief, not mitt romney. >> i agree with you again. i think secretary clinton is doing a great job. i have told her that and i think she is a bright star in that administration. i appreciate of her hard work. she is a tireless worker. that being said, israel is our greatest ally in that region. i have encourage the president to meet with the prime minister to make sure they can communicate. i visited israel. the amount of stress that country is under the -- there is nobody in the united states senate --
of foreign service. he was an information magement officer. he had served in iraq. he's a father, a father of two children, a devoted husband. we now know what happened to them. so we must continue our strong partnership with libya after the fallf qadhafi. but i call upon the new leadership, call for calm, call for tolerance, call for you're angry. there are ways to do protests and so on. you don't have to go around killing the american ambassador when o air people, our air force flew over libya and our president and our congress work to support this new government coming up. and then there's cairo. because of anger over a video -- and i don't know about this video. i don't know its content. but i do know the outcome, that our embassy in cairo was stormed. they tore dn our american flag, they replaced it with another flag. but we are under the flag of the united states of america and our flag is in egypt, our flag is in egypt because we are great allies to the egyptian government and great supporters of the egyptian people as they come through the arab spring and again trying to create a n
in iraq. the idea comes up out of world war room and one. half -- world war ii 1. -- world war i. to help libyans in such a way that we are helping their responsibility, their ability to deal with their own affairs. this means backing them up without taking the lead, it means providing the possibilities, the capabilities, of doing both the reconciliation and the security that is needed in the situation of this kind. we rejoice at what has happened in libya with the elections. they went off a very well. the extremists were beaten. extremists are usually beaten in elections. so we clap our hands and we say, there it goes. we have an element of the arab spring where democracy has come forth. we should know from our own history, and it is shocking if you go back and read it sometimes, in our early years, learn from our own history that democracy comes slowly. the road is bumpy. it is up and down. we should not simply be taken that the ideas of elections, how often do we repeat this to our own education, elections are not the end of the process. but we have to continue to work with what the el
the killing in soldiers in iraq and continue to do so in afghanistan. before that, that killed hundreds of american troops in saudi arabia. the have turned areas -- thousands of these rockets have been fired at israeli communities. in the last year, they have spread the international terror networks to two dozen countries across the continents india to bulgaria. they have even plotted to blow up a restaurant a few blocks from the white house in order to kill a diplomats. of course, the iran rulers repeatedly denied the holocaust. they called for israel's destruction on a daily basis, as they did this week from the united nations. i asked you, given this record of an iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, imagine an iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. imagine their long-range missiles fit with nuclear warheads. their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. who among you would feel safe in the middle east? who would be safe in europe? who would be safe in america? who would be safe anywhere? there are those who believe that a nuclear-armed iran can be deterred like a soviet uni
and women returning from iraq and afghanistan. veterans require a smooth transition into the civilian work force. we must recognize the experience and experience that our military e.m.t.'s received. they shouldn't have to start over after aiding wounded military men and women who are severely injured in combat. we must recognize their skills and education and streamline the process of these honorable men and women and return quickly to work here at home. we recognize training and education of these e.m.t.'s and the education they received in the military is important and we must streamline the certification process so these honorable men and women can return to work even faster. i'm a pilot in the military and i still continue as a air national guard pilot and i went through training with the military and came out quickly was able to receive the certifications from what i got in the military. that really stands out to me as to how we both in the federal government and the state ought to consider in doing business in recognizing the skills that these military folks are trained with. this is
-conceived war in iraq, and signed into law historic health care reform, a dream that was already decades overdue when i called for it at this convention 36 years ago. he has done it all in the face of bitter, unyielding, in fact, unprecedented partisan opposition. president obama has restored the reputation of the united states within the world community. dialogue and collaboration are once again possible, with return of a spirit of trust and goodwill to our foreign policy. of course there remains much to do. in communities across america and countries around the world, like this too hard for too many people. we see their struggles and our hearts go out to them. in the coming years, our hands must continue to reach out to them. yet for all that remains to be done at home and abroad, the evidence is overwhelming. president obama is a leader for america. it is up to all of us to make sure the american people understand exactly what is at stake and at risk in this election. with president obama in the oval office, we can make good progress toward becoming a fairer, more prosperous, and stronger ame
example. let's say one lived in iraq -- arizona and had a handful of properties she owned and wanted to sell. she chose to carry the loans on them. she was going to act on the bank -- as the bank on it. she does half a dozen of these in one year. do you think someone will fall into your purview? >> no. well, i do not think we have -- i am not clear we have anything to do with person to person lending if it is not -- i do not think it falls under the broader provision. i have to go back and look at that. i would say it would not be any kind of priority for us as we are trying to allocate resources. the things that are broader patterns of potential consumer harm are the things we should prioritize. i would have to go back and look that. >> if you could and let me know, i have seen in arizona where certain subdivisions have been subdivided where the old farmer or rancher of that owned the land cases it up and sells it and carries back the loans for 10 years. those sort of things. will they be pulled into another regulatory scheme? in a previous life, i was the treasury of the county. on
by any means. at the height of the iraq war, in 2006, we still would have been spending more than that if sequestration goes into effect. but he's not just saying do sequestration. he's actually promoting a strategic and smart way to do some cuts. but he said that, look, the united states military can do well, defend our nation and protect our country for about $500 billion and it seems to make sense to me. we'd still be spending so much more than any other country in the world. he went on to also note that in short the military really doesn't have a resource problem. they have what they need to defend the country. and he noted that, if the sequestration goes into effect, it would not be ideal to just do across-the-board cuts but there are a number of weapon systems that could be retired, a number of strategies reducing the military budget that would not hurt national security but would really put our country in a position where we are dealing with our financial problems in a forthright way. and i think that it makes sense to really look carefully at these ideas. maya went on to n
meet a spouse who says, you promised to bring my husband or wife back from iraq. they are back now. every time i see that happen i am reminded of the progress that we made. we have a long way to go, but let me tell you -- when we hear folks say this nation is in decline, they are dead wrong. we have got the best workers in the world. [applause] some of them right here in las vegas. we have got the best entrepreneurs in the world, some of them right here in at las vegas. we have the best scientists, the best researchers, the best colleges, the best universities. we have this incredible diversity that you see all across the country. people from every background, bound together by this faith that we have in this nation. there is not another country on earth that would not trade places with the united states. our problems can be solved and our challenges can be met. i am asking you to choose that view. i am asking you to rally around the goals i laid out at the convention, creating manufacturing jobs and new energy sources, improving our education system, to straighten out our deficit
to the people of iraq, jordan, for the hospitality they are extending to hundreds of thousands of people. they are doing their best to cope with that. we are one of the leading countries in the world. the donations we give is to help those countries and we need other countries to stand up more. it is in their interest, as well, for this to be brought to an end as soon as possible. i cannot say department bears any side of that at the moment. -- save the parliament bears and the sight of that at the moment. say the parliament bears and the any sight of that at theen moment. >> are you suggesting there is regret? [indiscernible] let's say the russian government did go for a chapter 7 agreement and the chinese road in behind them. what affect would you think that -- defect would you think that has on the resolution? but -- effect do you think that would have? >> that will make a vast difference in the regime and a determination to carry on murdering their own people know -- and that has killed so many of its own people can reside over order and stability in their country again. it is doomed
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)